Fight Sequestration!

Schools across the nation have already been subject to the largest cuts to education in our nation’s history under sequestration this year. Now, funding for the federal government is set to expire on September 30th. On September 20, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a spending resolution that would keep sequestration in place, and would require another $19 billion in cuts!Now the fight moves to the Senate. Tell your Senator enough is enough! Use this sample letter to strongly urge them to reject locking in sequestration and support a continuing resolution that invests in education!

Send your Letter Now!

As your constituent, and a leader in my school and community, I am writing to strongly urge you to reject locking in sequestration in the current continuing resolution, and enact spending levels at the pre-sequester levels.

My school and schools across your district have already been subject to unprecedented funding cuts this year. Classroom sizes have already ballooned, and we have been forced to eliminate essential programs, including early learning, after school, summer learning, and close our library.

Our school serves many students who are eligible for free and reduced priced lunch. These are the children who need assistance the most. Enough is enough.

Educators, parents and community members in your district do not want this. They want their children to have access to the best possible education available. We must invest in education if we hope to grow our economy, compete with other nations, and maintain our national security. This simply cannot happen if sequestration is allowed to continue.

Our nations fiscal challenges must be addressed, but our budget cannot be balanced on the backs of our children.

Thank you,